My First Blog Post

My first blog post

Booking will open from 07:00 on Thursday on the NHS website.

Pregnant women will be directed to centres offering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, NHS England says.

Nearly three-quarters of people in their 40s have had one dose, while a third of all adults have had two doses.

In line with guidance from the UK’s vaccines committee last week, NHS England said people 39 and under without an underlying health condition would be offered the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as an alternative to AstraZeneca.

The decision came after a review found younger people had a slightly higher risk of an extremely rare blood clot after receiving a first dose of the AZ vaccine.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said adults aged 18-39 could be offered an alternative “if available, and if it does not cause delays in having the vaccine”.

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